An immersive, 3D experience revolutionizing how consumers view, purchase and learn about art.

ART360 is a revolutionary new technology that allows users to experience art exhibitions anytime and anywhere. More than an interactive, 3D art experience, ART360 users virtually ‘walk’ through an exhibition and view each work’s detailed pricing and purchasing information. ART360 caters to the world’s leading museums, galleries, art fairs, private collections, and arts institutions.



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Designed for galleries, art fairs, art societies, museums, and art institutions, ART360 enhances lead generation opportunities by maintaining the life of your exhibitions. Increase your opportunity to engage new patrons and collectors while preserving the curatorial aesthetic of your exhibition space. Add accompanying artwork details that educate your audience and elevate the international stature of your artists.

How Can ART360 Transform My Business?

Art360 turns short-term local art exhibitions into timeless global events capable of reaching viewers across the world.

Patrons and collectors unable to attend your art exhibition can experience its offerings on any browser or mobile device, and several VR platforms. With the click of a button, users can find relevant pricing and artwork details on any selected work. Artwork available for purchase can be added to the Orangenius Marketplace, where you can facilitate the sale without incurring any fees or commissions.

ART360 exhibitions can be shared easily on social media platforms or added to your organization’s website, generating excitement and buzz around your exhibition. Orangenius search engine optimization techniques will enhance your visibility on popular search engines like Google and Bing, generating additional customers and sales opportunities.

How Does The ART360 Process Work?



Our ART360 team will evaluate your space, assessing the number of works and artists represented at your exhibition.



Choose a time that is convenient for your organization. Filming times are dependent upon the size of your space and number of pieces.

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Your ART360 team will create Orangenius accounts for your organization and your artists. Provide us information about your organization and artists along with the artwork details and we’ll do the rest.

ART360 integrates with Orangenius

Orangenius is a comprehensive online platform that helps members of the arts community succeed in the business of art.

More than a virtual exhibition, ART360 wholly integrates with Orangenius, a comprehensive online platform designed for the arts community. With Orangenius, not only can you create detailed artist CVs and artwork portfolios but you can also mark your entire collection for sale. In integrating ART360 with Orangenius, you are empowering potential collectors to make purchasing decisions.

Extend your audience reach even further by showcasing your entire inventory of collected works and introduce artists not featured in your ART360 exhibition. No login is required to view your Orangenius profile. It is publicly accessible, search engine optimized, and shareable.

Get an Estimate.

How many pieces of art?

How many artists?

Usable square feet?

For our New York City launch, we are offering a 50% discount.

Use this calculator to estimate your cost. ART360 artworks will be linked to a corresponding artwork page on Orangenius, displaying artwork details and purchasing options. Your organization and artist accounts will also be linked to their associated artwork pages on Orangenius. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to upload artwork and details.  (Orangenius is available on a consulting basis to perform this task if needed).

You must have an Orangenius Pro Account to use this service. Visit for more information.

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Want ART360 for your art space?

ART360 has launched in New York City. We will be expanding nationwide in early 2018. If you are interested in having an ART360 for your gallery, museum or other artistic space, please join our waiting list using the form below.

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